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There are no short cuts when it comes to selling a property, properly!

With extensive experience, Marty Ritchie and his team have the expertise to handle all aspects of selling a property.  Firstly, we will arrange an obligation-free appraisal of your property and take you through the various marketing options available.

We constantly monitor market trends, and our team is well positioned to advise you how to achieve the best result with whatever marketing option you decide upon.

We are constantly focused on the most important part of the transaction when selling a property, which is of course, the best price.  Getting the best price when selling a property requires a complete and thorough understanding of your property.

However, it's a well-known fact these days that some agents try to attract business by desperately lowering their fees. Unfortunately for many people selling a property, what may at first appear to be a discount in fee could actually be nothing more than a reduction in service and exposure, which quite often results in a big reduction in the sale price.

The important thing to remember is, you don't pay until you sell your property, and of course you don't sell until you are happy with the price.

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Make your home as desirable as possible

Whether in a buyers’ market or a sellers’ market, a key to achieving the optimum sales price for your property is through effective marketing. A property’s marketing campaign involves advertising through websites, social media, brochures, signs and newspapers. While your real estate agent will be able to carefully carry out this part of the campaign for you, you can actually do a large part of the marketing yourself by presenting your home well. Fetching the optimum dollar doesn’t have to be too much hard work or too costly either. You just need to get the right advice, get organised and get cracking. First you need to understand your target market or markets and tailor your presentation to suit. If young families are your primary buyers then kit your house out that way. In a three-bedroom house, you could place bunks or two single beds in a second bedroom and then a cot in the third. On the other hand, if you’re selling an inner city apartment then make up double beds in each room with luscious linen and cushions (although be sure to include a study space somewhere). It’s generally best to showcase bedrooms as bedrooms rather than home offices or living areas, unless of course you’ve got a lot of rooms.


Before you get started, it’s a good idea to make a check list for each room of your property and the exterior. Walk around the whole property. Inside tick off each room and take notes of anything that could be improved. Do the same for all outdoor areas and look at window frames, rotting weatherboards and small aspects that can be easily fixed.


Increasing your property’s street appeal is very important. We all know first impressions count and last. Think about the first aspects that potential buyers will see like fencing, the letterbox and the driveway. Spruce them up with a clean and a repaint or a re-stain. Tidy the garden and mow the lawns. Get rid of outside clutter or toys. Consider sprucing up the front door with some paint and even a new door handle if it needs it. If pavers in the garden are wonky then straighten them out. If a veggie patch is empty (or overgrown with weeds) then plant it. Trim trees and clean the outside of the house if it’s dirty. You want the entry to look inviting and potted coloured plants in large, new planters or pots can look lovely by the front door or other entrance ways. Buy a new door mat. Remember, once the street appeal has passed the test, buyers will likely start to form an opinion about the place quickly.


Be selective about furnishings and what you have on display. An overcrowded room looks bad and smaller than it actually is. Marketing a property is an excellent time to throw out old stuff and just think how much easier moving day will be. Consider paying for a storage container for a couple of months to de-clutter – it will be well worth it. Keep decorations simple – nice lamps, vases and a few glossy magazines. Don’t display family photos as you want buyers to visualise their own family in your home. From the time you put it on to the market, the less emotional you are about the property the better. Consider blowing up some scenery photos for empty walls and also adding a few strategic light fittings in the kitchen or living areas. Remember the small things can count too. Check light switches to make sure they work. Fix any doors or cupboards that don’t close or creak. Fix leaky taps – it’s a bad look.


In the garden, trim trees and shrubs especially around windows, decks and pathways to let in more light and to look tidy. Sweep paths and driveways throughout the marketing process to keep them clear. Stain wooden decks for a fresh look and replace any unstable or rotting decking. Mow the lawns before every open home. Perhaps even create a BBQ area or place a table and chairs strategically to create an outdoor entertainment space. Let potential buyers see where they could do their outdoor entertaining. There is always going to be a buyer out there for your property, but presenting the property well will help attract your buyer more quickly and easily. Ask friends or family members for their feedback on your property if you trust their opinion.

Remember your real estate agent will always have plenty of tips on how to make your property more marketable so don’t be afraid to ask them.

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