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Open home Tips for Buying in a Busy Market

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In a market like this, houses can sell quickly and you need to be ready to act fast when the right property becomes available.  At the same time, there are more houses available during this time of year and it is important not to suffer from ‘paralysis by analysis’. Everyone gets tired trying to look at 10 open homes in one crazy Sunday afternoon and it is impossible to accurately remember or get a feel for a home when you race through it in 2 minutes. Here are 5 tips to save you time and help you learn market values faster so you can make a more informed real estate decision.

Decide on your non-negotiables.
These are the key things you are looking for in a new home. Without these features there is very little chance you will buy the home.   Keep this list as short as possible and simply don’t worry about going to properties that don’t fit your requirements.

Call or text before going to open homes.
When you are trying to buy a house one of the most annoying things has got to be driving all the way to an open home and finding out it has been cancelled or sold. Unfortunately with so many advertising mediums involved in marketing property they often aren’t updated quickly enough to save you from this inconvenience. My best advice is to text the agent a day or two before the open home to check whether it is still on. You could also call to check if it meets your non-negotiable requirements.

Ask us which homes you should visit.
When you visit an open home, tell us your wish list and  your non-negotiables and ask them which other homes you should visit. We might suggest a property you hadn’t considered, or had previously discounted online but which may in fact suit your needs very well. Often buyers will discount a home based on a pricing assumption around an RV.  Agents will have a better idea of what homes are likely to actually sell for and can often point out houses you might be to afford which you otherwise may have dismissed.

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